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Corporate News

LTK & CHOGORI reached a strategic cooperation agreement on the project of renewable energy generation

2018.05.30 乐庭

In recent years, electric vehicle industry has developed rapidly in China. Not only the scale of production and marketing has ranked first in the world, and also the technology has occupied the advanced level, which brings great opportunities for the brand globalization of domestic automobile supporting products.


On May 25, 2018, the long term strategic cooperation agreement was signed by LTK cable and Chogori Technology Co., Ltd. The top management team of two parties , CHOGORI CEO - Mr. Hai Wang, Director of Purchasing Supply Chain - Mr. Xiaopeng Xu, Procurement Center- Ms. Longyu Mo, Supplier Quality Engineer - Mr. Xudong Xia, General manager of LTK - Mr. Zhe Jin,  Head of Manufacturing- Mr. Baojun Du, Regional Sales Manager - Mr. Bingo Lin and Sales Manager - Mr. James Sha attended the signing ceremony.


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In the "Medium and Long Term Development Plan for Automobile Industry" issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, electric vehicles are clearly defined as one of the three most important areas for breakthrough.  Electric vehicle battery pack is the core energy source, which provides driving energy for the whole vehicle while charging pile brings continuous energy for it and realizes long distance endurance.


As the first manufacturer of harsh environmental connectors in China, Shenzhen Chogori Technology Co., Ltd has become a designated supplier of important domestic and international competition projects.


With 30 years R&D experience in the cable industry, LTK has served a large number of well-known enterprises and is always committed to providing the most competitive cable solutions in the world and persist in creating maximum value to our customers.


The agreement of the strategic cooperation will promote the development of LTK and CHOGORI by leaps and bounds. In the future, both parties will optimize their products and jointly develop new materials and products to accelerate product upgrading, which will help the development of electric vehicles.